Alexaiya Backman grew up in the mountains of Maine, and started riding at a young age under a natural horsemanship trainer who specialized in retraining rescue horses. Learning natural horsemanship helped Alexaiya develop a great “feel” on and off the horse.

Alexaiya later went on to attend and graduate from Johnson and Wales University for Equine Business Management and riding in 2015. Additionally in 2015 Alexaiya studied in Germany to attain her Small and Large German Bronze medals. After earning her german medals Alexaiya went on to study and work under multiple US and German FEI riders, training through 4th level. Alexaiya continues to train regularly with Silver Medalist and L judge Krystal Wilt.

In 2019, Alexaiya trained her horse Flora (JC: Shezerfirst) and competed successfully in the 2019 Thoroughbred Makeover in Lexington, Kentucky. Flora is now eventing with her new mom!

Last year Alexaiya attended the 2021 Makeover with her mare Ember (JC: Allgussiedup) finishing 15th with a score of 74.3%. Additionally Alexaiya obtained her second level scores for her US Bronze medal with her pony Bodie (Bouton Rouge). Bodie now has a new home is SC and will continue his training in dressage!

In 2022 Alexaiya plans on continuing her training with her mare Ember up through the levels of dressage as well as expand her knowledge by attending clinics and seminars.

Alexaiya’s Training Philosophy

Work on becoming a mindful and more effective rider at every level, with focus on body mechanics to create a more balanced and symmetric horse and rider for all disciplines.
Learn a system that creates a more responsive flexible and adjustable horse to improve any discipline all while adding tools to help you in any situation.
Whether you are working your way up the levels or looking to resolve holes in your "basics" all riders and horses will benefit.

Alexaiya Backman has extensive experience in multiple disciplines including dressage, western, and jumping as well as retraining off the track thoroughbreds, and specializes in “problem” horses.